Alexander Kemp

Alexander Kemp is a leading social care consultant, trainer, writer and speaker.  He has been working in social care, including in very senior roles, for over 20 years. Alex is care experienced.  

Alex has worked within large organisations specialising in the provision of services to children and families who need help and protection and with children in care and care leavers.  Alex worked at Cafcass, the largest employer of social workers in the UK, as an assistant director for a large geographical area of England.  In this role, he worked in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in supporting the British Overseas Territories to develop and improve services for children and families.  He trained and coached senior leaders abroad to support their development.   

Alex’s last role was in the UK was as Her Majesty’s Inspector of children’s social care; he is the first known care experienced person to have held this position.  He inspected local authorities and other organisations including fostering agencies and children’s homes.  

Alex is one of only a handful of care experienced people in the UK who have progressed into such senior roles in large organisations responsible for providing help and support to children and families. He believes strongly that expertise by experience is undervalued. 

Alex’s mission is to provide support to organisations and practitioners in the helping professions to develop and improve through consultancy, training, writing and speaking.  Alex is also a doctoral researcher at the University of York, undertaking research into the experiences of care experienced people at university.